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Reply to "Listing EVERY Neil Finn Song EVER"

In regards to Lullaby Requiuem . . .

Originally posted by Secert God.:
[qb] You may well be right there, however that would mean that the song was from early 2001, and Neil, you wouldn't think would then do it again for 2002's One All... btu having said that, you're probably correct Smiler - cheers!

Well, hello hello!

Wasn't it "Sweet Secret Peace" that was part of that particular project, and not "Requiem"? Maybe both were. I don't know. Someone out there must be able to illuminate us. The songwriting credits for "Sweet Secret Peace" seem to indicate that it was part of that project, but there are no clues to indicate that this was the case for "Requiem" as well. I don't really have more information than that.

There's articles on the topic here:

and here:

There are a couple other songs in the Finn catalogue that could be added to your list.

Carried Away from the A&M Frenzy is one of them, as he sings and writes this one.

And since you've included a couple songs that he didn't write but does sing on, then you might as well thrown in Master Plan which his brother wrote, but he sings lead vocal on. That one's debateable.

But if you feel like including that one, you'd probably have to include the EnzSO version of Stuff & Nonsense because Neil handles the vocal on that one too.

It's all about what sort of parametres you set, I guess. What constitutes a "Neil Song"? Is it just songwriting credit? Lead vocal performance on a song if he wrote it? Or even if he didn't write it? Or did he just have to be standing in the studio breathing at the time?

Then there are other Enz songs that he contributed to, but his bits were instrumentation more than anything else . . .

Do you have Be My Guest in there? Oh yes . . . you do. Okay nevermind. He co-wrote that with other artists, but he sings it, so . . . What about My Legs Are Gone ? Oh yeah . . . okay. Fishhook ? Hmmmmm.

What else? Can't think of anything right now. You've already be so thorough!

Secret God -- you are the greatest! I'm sending you positive vibrations from across the ocean.
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