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Reply to "Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe!"

Originally posted by gryphon:
[qb]Yeah Judd Finn I saw that Australian one just after I posted. It's probably the best review of the production but tas you pointed out they say Phil's lyrics are "cliched" but the production, especially the puppets get some positive feedback. I thought the Lion was great by the way.
Cool ' I would very much like to see this show....I hope it comes to Russia!!

I'm sure it would be appreciated here!!!
Maybe the films will make it here! Smiler

Maybe these reviewers only like Gilbert and Sullivan!!! Smiler ) Wink

Mad I would like to meet this critic that cans Mr Judd's work!! I'm sure he would change his point of view.....very quickly!!! Big Grin

Pa Kah Smiler ) RazDaz Smiler

PS Merry is Russian Xmas Jan 7
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