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Reply to "Lightsleeper Review Roundup"

Been playing around with the song order and realized that, for me, "Meet Me In The Air" works better later in the album.  For me, it's just a bit too dreamy and slow to be the 2nd song especially as the album starts with an atmospheric song in "Island of Peace".  I like both songs a lot but, at least for me, the album loses some steam starting with two slow, dreamy songs in "Island of Peace" and "Meet Me In The Air". I love Island of Peace as the first song so I moved Meet Me In The Air to the #6 track and made a few other shifts and I'm loving the flow of the new sequence. This is what I came up with below. Anyone else trying out different song orders?  Kind of fun ...

  1. Island of Peace
  2. Where’s My Room
  3. Back To Life
  4. Any Other Way
  5. Troubles
  6. Meet Me In The Air
  7. Anger Plays A Part
  8. Hiding Place
  9. Listen
  10. Ghosts
  11. We Know What It Means
  12. Hold Her Close
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