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Reply to "Lightsleeper Fan Reviews"

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Easy forgetable album, already forgotten by the world and most of the fans (in too short time period)...sory folks (specialy Neil and Liam), but thats how it is...

I don’t agree with this. It is a unique album that has been released with virtually no promotion or tour, just as all focus is turning to Neil in Fleetwood Mac. That doesn’t make it forgettable. The timing for it is just very unfortunate. 

I personally think it is one of Neil’s more memorable albums because it is different (like The Finn album was when that came out). But like a lot of Neil’s recent work, I completely get that it just won’t resonate with all fans and could even alienate some. I can respect that, but think it is a stretch to say it has been forgotten by most of the fans. 

Great to see that there are few fans who actualy like Lightsleeper, but it says nothing about its value... album didnt get almost any attention outside fan base, with this album wont be any new fans (not only for non promotion reasons), there are almost no critic praises above average, and finaly, there is no actual attention here...if you compare it to released CH discs few years ago, or Intriguer, it is just drop in water.., and last but not least, and most important to me, there is no single memorable melody on that album, no interesting twists, turns and hooks...boring Neil with songs which in time of CH would be on C side or teared apart by Mitchel Froom (even didnt remember their names so must look for  song titles): Hiding Places, We know what it means, than songs in which artists obviously enjoy much more than audience like Where s my room and Meet me in the air, songs which potential stucked in the lack of inspiration or lousy nailing like Listen and Anger plays a Part... what we have good here is Liam in pretty good shape, but honestly with much less music potential and talent than Neil or worlds A league...sory to them, sory to fans, but thats just how it is...

Sorry, we will have to just agree to disagree. How you feel about an album is how you feel, but it is not "just how it is". It is personal taste and preference. Music will always be very subjective.

I think Light Sleeper has way more interesting twists and turns than Intriguer (my least favourite of all Neil's work), and the hooks and melodies are subtle - which for me makes them more interesting. I think Light Sleeper is completely inspired. On the other hand I found Intriguer to be a mess, like Neil was caught between what he thought Crowded House should sound like, and the actual music he wanted to make himself (that eventually came out in Dizzy Heights). To me, it sounded like it was originally inspired while the Crowdies were on the road (and some of that comes through in the excellent deluxe bonus disc - which I love), but it was overworked, second guessed, and completely lost its way in the studio. I am only mentioning this to show, that you just can't generalise on how people perceive music. I love that some people really like Intriguer. For me it is a mess, for others it is a masterpiece. 

If we are talking critics, it looks like they were divided much like the fan base. Both Q Magazine and Uncut gave Light Sleeper an 80% (which I would rate above average), but the same magazines gave Intriguer 60%. Mojo has the opposite with Intriguer 80% and Light Sleeper 60%.

Pop Matters gave Light Sleeper its worse review 50%, (it gave Intriguer 70%). I can get that - I wouldn't call Light Sleeper a pop album. I think that is the problem - if you are rating it as a pure pop album, you will be disappointed. It is certainly not what I would call pop. And Crowded House could produce incredible pure pop music. If somebody loves Crowded House, and specifically compare Light Sleeper to those expectations, then I can understand they would be disappointed. 

Here is a 5 star review of Light Sleeper that describes it as "a work of genius":

If you don't like the type of music that Light Sleeper represents, that is fine. But it doesn't mean it has any less musical value. Lets face it, none of Neil's work has ever really taken the world by storm since Together Alone, but it has evoked strong responses from the fan base (both positive and negative). His musical output is quite eclectic in style. It is quite possible that you may love one and album and hate the next, and the fan next to you thinks the complete opposite. But to say one album has less value than the other because of how you feel about it is wrong. It just has less value to you.

I think the fact that it is a different type of music, it will get attention outside the fan base. I thought it was great how Jaffaman's teenage daughter adores Light Sleeper and is getting the album for friends. Its biggest problem will be promotion now that Neil is caught up in the Fleetwood Mac frenzy

I completely respect that you don't think the album is a good reflection of Neil's talents, but to make blanket statements about its lack of value and inability to win over new fans, does make an assumption that all potential fans view music in exactly the same way as you. 

I have friends who have never liked Neil's work, actively hate Crowded House (too poppy, too twee, too old school), but much to my surprise really like Light Sleeper.

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