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Reply to "Lightsleeper Fan Reviews"

Mariola posted:


Its just among worse albums Neil ever did

I listened it quite enough times, thank you, still listening, but its just an album almost without spark, twist and turns, with few self important songs (like Wheres my room), unfinished or badly nailed songs like Anger plays a part and Listen, or just boring going nowhere songs like Hiding places and We know what it means...album on which our favorit musician (Neil) is pretty unfit while his son Liam is excellent, but not capable to reach those heights we were used from Neil. So, results are pretty mixed, obviously.

If someone think I have issues with its slow tempo and dreaminess, I ll say that Out of Silence album is among best things Neil have ever done. Nothing here on Lightsleeper comes close to Love is Emotional, Chameleon Days, Widows Peak, Terorrise Me, and I know different. Like many critics noticed (not just one, from NZ probably, in case of Lightsleeper) OOS is work of genious - excellent songwriting, fraich approach, best Neils singing maybe ever, fantastic use of choir as additional instrument in most of the songs. Almost nothing of that spark appeared on Lightsleeper, just an album which was destined to be produced one day, but without real cohesivenes beetwen musicians or well known lucidness from Neil.

You dont believe me, and still think its just matter of that I listened Lightsleeper "only" 10 times? Fair enough, just google Out of Silence reviews and Lightsleeper reviews, youll see that first two pages of OOS reviews are almost all between 4 and 5 stars, while Lightleeper are most 3 stars, or few 4 and 2 stars reviews. Difference is obvious, and well noticed even on 5 listenings.

But, since loud minority is again in force here about this question, I probably wont wright anyhing more about it. Enjoy in Lightsleeper, I also enjoy in some parts of it, but it doesnt mean that Lightsleeper is not among lowest points in Neils carreer. Thanks for reading.

I don't disagree much. For me, Silence is in the top tier of anything Neil has ever done. Right there with Together Alone and Woodface. A masterpiece. Lightsleeper is good and I enjoy it and it would be a great album for most musicians. For Neil, it's just a solid mid- level album. Good but not great. I suspect the album would be a lot better and more emotional if it has been produced in a live studio like Silence was. 

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