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Steve Shealy posted:

I'll give this a shot, now that I've heard it a bit more.

Island of Peace-lovely, a nice intro. Been too long since we've had that South Pacific vibe. 

Meet Me In the Air- the full (Neil) Finn family song I've been waiting for, both in playing and writing. Almost a bit Andy Partridge-ish, dreamy and atmospheric.

Where's my Room-Elliot and Harper! Where's Tim? Heavy Liam influence here, a bit meandering, but not bad.

Anger Plays a Part-closest thing to Liam's pop tunes. I hear a bit of Wilco here.

Listen- as stated by others, would have fit well on Out of Silence. Had heard this from the Jane site out of one of Neil's solo gigs. Seems a bit odd to find it here. Still, very nice song.

Any Other Way-Mostly Liam here, this one hasn't grabbed me yet, just never seems to go anywhere.

Back to Life-the earworm, this one stays in my head to most. The most Neil-sounding song, also would have fit on OOS, especially the beginning verse, and the choir. Love this one.

Hiding Place-another one that's a bit too languid to have taken hold yet, not to say that it won't. Sounds like a soundtrack piece.

Ghosts-I like this more than a lot of folks do. I like the rhythm, and the other-worldly feel.

We Know What It Means-sounds like a Dizzy Heights track to me, a lot like Recluse, especially the beginning.

Hold Her Close-Nice lullaby, love that they sent it to the NZ Prime Minister as a baby shower gift. 

Trouble-should have made the album.


All in all, I like this album. Like the variety, could have used a solid, pure pop "hit" type song, along the line of Cold Feet (Liam) or She Will Have Her Way (or even Second Nature). Also love the family involvement, at some point would like to see an album with all the Finns, and nothing but Finns, but that's just me. 

On a side note, what are the Devo Finns referred to in the liner notes?




Great comments. "Anger" reminds me of Liam's "Gather To The Chapel".  "Back To Life" and "Listen" must have been written at about the same time as the Silence songs and would have fit perfectly on that album. Same with "Never Return".  I really like "Any Other Way" and "Hiding Place". A lot of emotion in those songs.

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