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I'm sticking with the vinyl track listing. I get that it was re-ordered to better suit the three songs per side situation, but I think it flows better and also provides instruction for the proper placement of "Troubles." I wouldn't just tack "Troubles" on to the end as "Hold Her Close" is obviously meant to be the closer.

This is how I hear the songs:

  1. Prelude- Island of Peace: Neil
  2. Meet Me In the Air: Neil & Liam (bit more Liam)
  3. Where's My Room: Neil & Liam (bit more Neil)
  4. Listen: Neil
  5. Any Other Way: Liam
  6. Back to Life: Neil & Liam (mostly Neil)
  7. Anger Plays a Part: Liam
  8. Troubles: Neil
  9. Hiding Place: Neil & Liam (mostly Liam)
  10. Ghost: Liam
  11. We Know What it Means: Neil
  12. Hold Her Close: Liam

So, Neil 4, Liam 4, and Neil & Liam 4 (with two leaning Liam and two leaning Neil)

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