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Reply to "Liam Finn Kitchen Sink: a Chonological guide"

There's a Daytrotter Studios session which was released in 2011 which consisted of live performances of: Honest Face, Won't Change My Mind, I'll Be Lightning and Second Chance.

A studio version of Slade's "Merry Christmas Everybody" also featuring Elroy Finn was released in 2018 on the "A Christmas Miracle" charity album on Valentine Recording.

A live version of "Second Chance" featured on a 2013 compilation album Other Voices: Series 7, Vol. 2".

The cover of Arthur Russell's "This Love Is Crying" featuring Peter Zummo and the Modern Lovers' Ernie Brooks is from the Arthur Russell tribute album "Red Hot + Arthur Russell".

The Live with the Dream Team songs were recorded in 2014 on the rooftop of The End recording studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and also featured Kirin J. Callinan.

There's also a largely instrumental song "Enlightenment" from a 2015 short called Wilhja's Enlightenment.

Thank you for this excellent info. I will redo my list and incorporate all this information in about a month (waiting to see if more info rolls in and also am scheduled to go on another Liam bent at the end of January.

I assume the 2018 "Merry Christmas Everybody" is different than the earlier one? (which has applause at the end and was -- I think --  taken from the RocKwiz show.)

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