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Reply to "just a few things..."

Ok, I'll try this:

Crowded House
Crowded House - cassette & CD
Temple of Low Men - LP & CD (maybe on cassette too, I've put all my cassettes away)
Woodface - CD
Together Alone - CD
Recurring Dream - with & without bonus disc, CD
Afterglow - CD
Farewell to the World
Time On Earth - with & without (Neil autographed) bonus DVD

CH singles - all cd unless indicated
I Feel Possessed + Byrdhouse - cassette. This is a rare one; a batch were released with the cover art printed upside down
Chocolate Cake - autographed & unautographed
Four Seasons in One Day
Weather With You - double pack (one has Byrdhouse, the other has FAYF, When you Come & Walking on the Spot)
Fall At Your Feet
Its Only Natural
Its Only Natural digipack (Recurring Dream, BBHS, Hole in the River, I Walk Away)
Private Universe - includes TA lyric book
Locked Out - autographed. inc fold-out poster
Locked Out - unautographed
Locked Out - cassette, unsealed
Nails In My Feet - autographed
Distant Sun - parts 1 & 2 - part 2 autographed
Pineapple Head
Not The Girl You Think You Are
Everything Is Good For You
Don't Stop Now

Fanclub CDs
Newcastle Jam
Spooky Vibrations
Back On The Bus
Neil Finn live in UK

Finn Bros
Finn - autographed
Won't Give In cd single
Everyone Is Here - autographed

Neil Finn
Try Whistling This
Rest of the Day Off - autographed
One Nil
7 Worlds Collide

Tim Finn
Big Canoe - cd
Tim Finn - LP
Persuasion - cd single
Before & After
Imaginary Kingdom

Split Enz CD
Mental Notes
I Got You - 25th Anniversary edition
The Living Enz
See Ya Round
Split Enz boxed set (gold & silver)
ENZSO vol's 1 & 2

Schnell Fenster
Ok Alright A Huh Oh Yeah - cd

DVD / Video
Dreaming The Videos - dvd
Farewell to the World video + bonus concert t-
Farewell to the World - double DVD
7 Worlds Collide
CH Live at the Corner Hotel (Nov 1996)
Best of Split Enz

Live, Interviews etc - cassette
CH live at State Theatre, Sydney 17.3.92 & 18.3.92
CH live The Concert Series 10.11.91 (Sydney radio) - don't remember which one)
CH live Martin Place, Sydney 17.2.94 from 2JJJ
CH live 4 Cities in One Day - 16.5.97 2JJJ
Neil Finn & Eddie Rayner on Rocksat 29.11.89
CH on Rocksat 22.8.91
CH live Ausmusic Concert Sydney Entertainment Centre 24.11.90
CH Live at Selinas, Sydney 9.8.91
CH on Live At The Wireless 2JJJ 12.8.91
CH - The J Files 2JJJ 27.6.96
CH live on 2DayFM Sydney 2.12.96

That's all for now, I have to go out but I'll finish my cassetts & vinyl catalogues later Smiler
    All times London, UK.

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