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Originally posted by sacredcow11:
WhennI found the 7WC DVD I quickly grabbed it & now it's just sitting on the shelf... I haven't even watched it once and i bought it 6 months ago! Smiler

I don't yet own a DVD player but when I get one then I'll watch it....[/qb]
You must stop whatever you are doing right now, and go and get a DVD player, I don't care how, beg, borrow, steal, but get one and watch that DVD, it is the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME! Eddie Veder and Betchadupa doing I See Red is amazing!!

Let's see if I can pull up what I have, from memory:

Crowded House
Crowded House (with 'Can't Carry On' which was not on the original US release)
Temple of Low Men
Together Alone
Afterglow (with Neil Finn interview disc)
Recurring Dream (with Live bonus disc)
Everthing Is Good For You - single (with Live tracks from Town & Country)
Poster from a NZ gig with Schnell Fenster
I Like to Watch - video


Neil Finn
Try Whistling This (with bonus disc)
One Nil (import)
One All (domestic because it had two tracks 'One Nil' didn't have)
7 Worlds Collide
Disc from the Independent
7 Worlds Collide DVD
Sessions at West 54th DVD
Rain Soundtrack (just ordered from a NZ website)

Split Enz
History Never Repeats

1972-1979 box-set with:
The Beginning of the Enz
Second Thoughts
Mental Notes
Oddz and Enz (b-sides & live tracks)

Other Enz - Split Enz & Beyond
Waiata poster
a few things on cassette

Finn Brothers
Finn Brothers

Plus I have a bunch of MP3's
    All times London, UK.

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