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Reply to "just a few things..."

Ok, here's my list...

Crowded House - CD
Crowded House - Compact Disc (with I walk away
Crowded House - Cassette
Crowded House - LP

Temple Of Low Men - CD
Temple Of Low Men - Cassette
Temple Of Low Men - LP

Woodface - CD
Woodface - LP

Together Alone - CD
Together Alone - Cassette

Finn - CD
Finn - Cassette

Enzso - CD (I didn't get the other one coz Neil's not on it)

Recurring Dream - CD
Recurring Dream + Live album - CD

Try Whistling This - CD
Try Whistling This + B-sides disc - CD

Afterglow - CD

Other Enz - Split Enz & Beyond - CD

Rest Of The Day Off - CD single

One Nil - CD (Australian edition)
One Nil - CD (UK edition - no difference!)
One Nil - Cassette

Wherever You Are - CD single

Last To Know - CD single

7 Worlds Collide - CD

So there. - Along with all my mp3s (about 400) of live versions & stuff (I think everything he's done Smiler ) including the Afterglow "interview", ect.

Sacred Cow - If you wanna count other stuff...

Live @ The Chapel - VHS (taped from Channel 10)
Rove [live] - Interview & last to know (taped from Channel 10)
Some Videos Anselm sent me - Um... only a few brilliant hours of classic CH/Finn/Neil TV peformances, videos, interviews, etc. Smiler Smiler Smiler
Oh... & the webcast from a while ago & the KCRW radio show (which I've still got to make mp3s out of) Smiler Thanks Anselm!

I've also managed to find all these obscure CD reviews from years gone by - I just stick them in my CDs.

I'd like to hear of some more people with some more stuff.
    All times London, UK.

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