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Reply to "just a few things..."

And you say you have little stuff?

Boy, you don't know how hard it is to find memorabilia here in Spain. I can only get imported things, not even some CH studio albums are here on sale. For example, Woodface, I got it from a French internet store.

What I have been able to get, by the moment, it will increase with the passing of time:

1.- CH album
2.- TOLM aalbum
3.- WF album
4.- TA album
5.- Finn / Finn Brothers album
6.- TWT album
7.- One Nil (One All European edition)
8.- RD album Special edition
9.- Afteglow with Interview CD(thanx Awamutu for the transcription!!!!)
10.- 7 Worlds Collide CD
11.- Neil's Session at West 54th St. DVD
12.- Lots of rare dowloaded songs (about 100)
13.- Split Enz videoclips, I Like to Watch and FTTW Concert, all in one tape (thanx Anselm!!!!)

Now I'm expecting the 7 Worlds Collide DVD to arrive from the lands of Aotearoa.

There are no more things that I have been able to collect in 2 years. Posters, T-shirts, badges and all that will come later, first the albums, that feed my Finnatism.
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