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just a few things...


well it's official I'm obsessed with collecting Crowded House memorabilia...

first it was the CD's... then the fan club membership... then the posters, videos,DVD's, T-Shirts, fan club stuff and anything I can get my hands on! Smiler

I'm guessing I have the smallest collection of stuff out of all of us...

here's my list...
1. Crowded House - Crowded House
2. Temple Of Low Men
3. Woodface
4. Togehter Alone
5. Recurring Dream (limited edition with bonus live disc)
6. Recurring Dream...normal one.
7. Afterglow CD (with cardboard slipcase & FTTW poster)
8. Normal Afterglow CD
9. Back On The Bus -fanclub CD
10. Foreplay - fanclub CD
11. Crowded House poster circa 1986
12. Crowded House poster Dolly 1986
13. Crowded House poster Countdown magazine 1985/6
14. orange nilfun badge
15. pink it's only natural badge
16. finn badges
17. Crowded Hosue Crhristmas show 1990 T-Shirt
18. FTTW video (official)
19. FTTW video (taped) with Channel V Neil Finn show added on to the end of it.
20. neil Finn Cold Live @ The Chapel
21. Neil on rove live
22. Neil on the panel
23. Neil on the today show.
24. I Got You video clip (rage)
25. Various CH songs (some rare stuff)
26. Private Universe Book
27. Something So Strong Book
28. & worlds Collide DVD
29. All my split enz CD's
30. All my Neil solo stuff
31. Finn Brothers album (number 1) still waiting for number 2
well That's about it...I know there's heaps of you out there who have alot more than me...
if that's you *PLEASE* POST HERE! Big Grin Big Grin
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