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Originally posted by Sara:
[qb]oooohh look what I found -

Music jobs[/qb]
thanks sara.

i'll keep you posted. i did go to music a couple of nights ago. they only want you to sign up if you've had at least 3 years experience as a music industry professional. and i'm looking for entry-level because it's what i'm qualified for.
that said, i was given the number of someome whom i haven't seen in ages, who is the producer for a radio show at a pretty popular station here (KROQ). she hasn't called me back yet, and even if she can't hire me, i know she'd try to help me out *somehow*.

i didn't watch the speech last night. mostly because i got home late and i can't really watch bush for more than 34 seconds without throwing something at the TV.

*keeps marching on*

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