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Reply to "job search"


i didn't expect to find so many great responses the next day.

thank you all so much for your insight and honesty (especially an ailing heidi who PM'd me at 3 a.m.).

i've pretty much lost count of all the resum�s i've sent out and the phone calls i've made. and for a while i got used to this feeling of defeat. and i became tired of people telling me to keep my head up. but i don't have a choice. i can't let myself fall through the cracks because we have the most economically backward/greedy/inept american leader in history.
i'm taking everything said here into account and heeding all advice dispensed.
ki kaha - i most definitely will meet you at The Lounge in 18 months. i had lunch there the first time i went into melbourne by myself while james was working in cranbourne. i remember exactly where it is. Smiler

again, i really appreciate everyone's opinions on the matter. i'll do my best to "keep on keepin' on."

oh - and i forgot one thing.
the reason i'm not looking for work in australia right now is because it seemed rational to me to establish myself here before looking over there. that said, my boyfriend's dad (a children's court lawyer) knows someone at The Age who might be able to help me, though he's not expected back from Italy until October. That gives me time to find my footing here and start filling out applications to migrate to australia (on a work visa or defacto spousal visa - haven't worked out the details completely).



p.s. i just disconnected momentarily and found a message from the National Notary Association saying they came across my resum� and asked for a phone interview. i'll let you know how it goes. Wink
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