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Reply to "Isn't the world a small place"

WOW Devon is becomming the cosmopolitan centre of England Confused . Can't complain as its not a bad place to live really and Raul you did indeed past through my hometown of Newton Abbot, well I live in a quaint little village nearby. Have to say mate I think you summarised Torquay quite well as thats where I work and I often have, well err, problems focussing Smiler Bit of a social capital, especially during the summer when I think you'd probably one of many continental Europeans to visit the 'English Riveria'! On a side note, does anyone know if either Neil, Tim or anyone else from Frenz has played down here? OK small place but sure they would get a good reception

Hey I'm sure the Finns will tour the UK sometime in the next year or so for the new album(come on they have gotta -PLEASE!!!) and hopefully they'll visit Bristol. We could all go to the gig and have a few beers afterwards which would be cool Cool Actually I have a confession to make, never seen either of them in the UK, only ever in Australia. The last time I saw an Australian/Kiwi band in the UK was Powderfinger at Shepherds Bush in London, and I think I was the only pomme in the entire audience Cool Needless to say I felt special!!!

Isn't the world getting smaller when we can organise a little get together in virtual space Smiler Ah you have got to love the impact of music!!!

See ya


Can you imagine that
An itch too sensitive to scratch
The light that falls through the cracks
An insect too delicate to catch
"Fingers of Love'
    All times London, UK.

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