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Isn't the world a small place

Isn't the world a small place. I was travelling through New Zealand a few months back on one of those tour bus companies (called Stray). Anyway we stoped in this town/hamlet/couple of houses on the South Island called Barrytown. If anyone knows this place it consists of 2 houses, 1 of which was the pub I was staying in!

Anyway I was in the bar with friends drinking the rather good Kiwi lager (Speights) and on the music channel one of Neil Finn's songs from the 2001 Auckland gigs came on (I think it was Their Is a Light That Never Goes Out). I rushed over to the TV to see the video (never seen it) and the bar owner says 'you know Neil Finn?', in a rather surprised tone. Well answering that his one of my favourite musicians he proceded to tell me that he only used to go to school with both Neil and Tim at Sacred Heart's College and used to be good friends with the boys!!!

Well as you can imagine I was somewhat shocked and proceded to speak to the guy for the rest of the night. He had some rather amusing stories, which I won't go into, but remembered them as being very down to earth. It turns out a couple of months before he had gone to a 30th school reunion where Tim and Neil had performed a few tracks out the blue, which capped off a fun night.

As a Brit in a country of 60 million people I was absolutely shocked. I mean what are the chances of meeting someone who went to school with one of your musical inspirations??? The world can be a really small place at times!!! But hey I guess New Zealand is a pretty small country.

See ya


ps for anyone whose not been to New Zealand - get there, its such a beautiful place and the people really friendly
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