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slowpogo posted:
jamesp posted:

Neil is a mercurial beast - which is what makes him so good! Taste is, of course - subjective ---Fleetwood Mac is one of those bands that always made me reach for the "off" button! 

I've gone back to re-listen to a lot of their hits, and my impression is that Fleetwood Ma can often create an incredible chorus -- Go Your Own Way, Don't Stop, etc. -- but the verses are often barely anything of interest, lyrically or musically. Just feels like marking time until you get back to the fantastic chorus.

Neil has always been more balanced, with his verses usually being just as catchy and meaningful as the chorus.

I hope this goes well for him, and as a band of people singing and playing I'm sure FM are excellent, and this current incarnation should certainly uphold that. It's just that after hearing them on the radio my whole life, then finally trying to dig a little deeper, I'm not quite seeing what the hype is with this band.

I guess I'm in a good position to enjoy the news that Neil is joining the Mac as Neil and Fleetwood Mac are two of my favorite artists of all-time.

Neil Finn has many greats "singles" and also dozens of incredible deep cuts to discover. I still remember the day I discovered Neil’s obscure song “Blue Hotel”, which is now one of my favorite songs. And “Guiding Star”. And “Ray of Hope”.  So many Neil Finn hidden gems out there to discover.  Sort of like finding a secret treasure that you can then share with your friends and family or keep to yourself to savor. 

Same with Fleetwood Mac. They have the great hits, but they also have literally dozens of incredible obscure songs to discover.  One as good as the next.  "Sisters of The Moon", "Storms", "Carousel", "Have No Heart", "Circle Dance", "Beauty & The Beast" are just a few of the obscure Fleetwood Mac and solo artist gems out there ... with "Sisters of The Moon" probably being one of my favorite songs of all-time.

Obviously music is subjective, but here are my favorite Fleetwood Mac “hits” and rarities.  These are songs that should appeal to those who love all things Neil Finn.  Perhaps this isn't "the end" but rather the beginning of a wonderful Fleetwood Mac journey. Enjoy!


The Chain

Sisters of The Moon

Little Lies


Lady From The Mountains

Circle Dance


Have No Heart

Beauty & The Beast



Say You Love Me


Got A Hold On Me

Gold Dust Woman

As Long As You Follow


Dial The Number

Beautiful Child

Think About Me

You Make Loving Fun

Sleeping Angel

The Second Time


Over My Head


Over & Over

Italian Summer

Edge of Seventeen

Over & Over

Black Magic Woman

Hold Me


Kind of Woman

Second Hand News

If You Were My Love

Walk A Thin Line

Smile At You

God’s Garden

Hard Advice

Thrown Down

I'm So Afraid

Never Forget

Monday Morning

Never Make Me Cry




Never Forget

Go Your Own Way

It Takes Time

World Turning

Mabel Normand

Don't Stop

If You Ever Did Believe

Silver Springs

Annabel Lee




Belle Fleur 

Goodbye Baby

Battle of The Dragon

Planets of The Universe




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