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Reply to "Is it Crowded House?"

Respectfully, Crowded House isn't Wilco or Radiohead.  But those are excellent examples of bands that clearly didn't feel an obligation to continue following a certain musical path.

I have friends who absolutely love the first two Wilco records but can't stand any of the others.  Another friend loves A GHOST IS BORN and thinks the current band is super-talented but a little boring.

Another example is Guster.  For years, they were a trio---two guitarist/bassist/singer-songwriters and a percussionist.  After a few records, the percussionist shifted to a drum kit, and it changed their style and sound.  But, similarly to the first four CH records, I think their songs remained their strength, so the changes were easier to accept.

And you're right.  It's completely the band's decision whether or not they should try to meet fan expectations or shake things up.  Or rather, it's Neil's.

Calling it "Crowded House" doesn't make it Crowded House.  Does Neil have the right to call it "Crowded House?" Sure.  I assume he owns the name (not sure how the corporate entity is set up?).

But if the line-up is substantially different and the sound is somewhat different, is it "Crowded House?"

I had my doubts until I saw those videos the new band recorded where they performed some of the classics.  They sounded fantastic!  They brought great energy to the songs, and it really increased my enthusiasm for the new record.  I didn't expect them to re-write "Something So Strong" or "Fall at Your Feet."  But I hoped that feel...that energy...would carry over to the new album sessions.

And what I hear on the new album isn't that.  It's a different feel and a different energy.  Not bad, just different.


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