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Reply to "Is it Crowded House?"

Hello all,

A friend and I---both of us fans since the Enz days---were discussing the new album, and we both questioned whether or not it is "Crowded House."

For what it's worth, he thinks DREAMERS is better than INTRIGUER, but not nearly as good as the other CH records.  I do not agree.

EDIT: I get what others are saying about this line-up being legitimate because of Neil, Nick, and Mitch's presence. And I agree that any band with those three guys in it has the right to consider calling itself Crowded House.  On paper, it works.

But for the most part, this just doesn't sound like CH to me.  There are exceptions, but mostly, the things I think of when I think of "Crowded House" (the band, not the first album) are not here.

I'm fine with experimentation.  I love hearing different influences in the music and the arrangements. But first give me songs that have unusual chord progressions, timeless melodies, and great lyrics.  Those are the foundations on which CH is built.

Neil (with occasional help from the band and Tim) has changed the way he writes songs, a process that has continued for the last 10 years.  It's not's just different.  I don't know if it's true or not, but it seems like he is consciously, deliberately steering away from his own strengths as a songwriter.  Or maybe his muse just speaks to him differently than it did from the Enz days through One Nil/One All.

I've read the interviews, and I know he was inspired by Fleetwood Mac to re-imagine his own band.  And yes, FM changed its line-up to include Neil and Mike.  But there's a huge difference with the music---FM mostly stayed faithful to the band' classic sound.

But I think I'd have liked this new material more if it had been called something else...a Neil solo project...a different, new band...?  Anything but CH.

Having said all that...

"Bad Time Good" is by far my favorite track on the record, and I simply can't get enough of the song.  And many of the others are growing on me.  I like "Sweet Tooth" a lot.  The chorus of "Too Good for This World" is fantastic.

EDIT: I was reading the "First Impressions" thread, and it made me smile because it seems like everyone loves different songs from this album.  My first impression was that "Deeper Down" is an absolutely horrible closing song, but then I read someone's comment that it was one of their favorites!  Hah!  After re-listening, I like it better when I listen to it on its own.  Still not sure about its place in the track listing...


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