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Reply to "Is it Crowded House?"

@Left Hand posted:

I only heard/saw the 'Whispers and Moans' which was put on YouTube.

I don't actually have the Woodface album (the five songs from the Recurring Dream greatest hits is sufficient for me) so I don't get to hear the studio version as much as recorded live versions of the song. And because of that, wow it sounded soo different!!! Because from 1990s onwards, Crowded House never replicated the song exactly (underline/bold that word a few times) to the album version.

Even the different keyboard notes from Mitchell (whom I'm sure played the song exactly key to key from the album) to Mark (just made subtle background sound so Neil's guitar could be the main focus). Fans can decide what they preferred.

Sorry, in my rattling I'm trying to say noticing an absence too. But from how they played live, not from the original studio version.

Woodface is well worth listening to from start to finish, with excellent album tracks like Fame Is, As Sure As I Am, She Goes On and How Will You Go.

I first heard some of the songs live, at Ausmusic Day, then on a Triple M interview/performance around May 1991.

I became very attached to those spirited acoustic renditions of Chocolate Cake, It’s Only Natural, Fall at Your Feet and There Goes God.

When the record came out, it took me a long time to warm up to the relatively subdued album versions.

I love the warm, familial vibe of this fangradio performance. But I don’t think Liam’s voice is strong enough to really do the Finn Bros. songs justice. Maybe if it had more weight in the mix, that would make a difference.

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