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Reply to "Info on Oz/Nz required please"

how up my alley is this?

i just got back a week or two ago from a two month stay in oz visiting my boyfriend. i mostly stayed in victoria, and spent a week in new south wales. these are the places i remember most:

*great ocean road - lots of great scenery along the way, such as the twelve apostles, the grotto, and some nice short rainforest bushwalks.

*melbourne - of course. just to say you went. it's a really nicely constructed grid of a place, partly metrpolitan, partly not. some great movie theaters and pizza on lygon street. good photo ops during the day of the yarra river. also check out the st. paul catherdral - you can't miss it, it's nestled in there.

*merimbula - on the sapphire coast in NSW, excellent bush walks and beaches along Sapphire Coast Drive. it's also about an 8 hour drive from Melbourne. opportunity to catch sight of some fantastic wild life (i.e. 4 foot lizards, roos, etc.)

*cape shanck - this provided me with some absolutely gorgeous photos. go on a sunny, warm day and swim in one of the giant rock pools. it's in victoria.

*point nepean - went there on christmas eve morning and rode bikes up and down hill, great exercise, spectacular views of the bay on all sides. there are also some really cool preserved war bunkers at the very end.

*flinders beach - loads and loads of rock pools, and there's a small blow hole that will definitely spit in your face if you stand right above it.

*gunnamatta beach - premier surf beach in VIC. ideal for body boarding as well. just be careful.

*sorrento beach - there are about 4 or 5 rock formations all called London Bridge scattered around VIC, and this one i liked because you can crawl around inside, play with the rock pools, and even climb around and above it, which allows for some spectacular ocean views. (you may actually see signs for it on your way to/from point nepean.

*healesville animal sanctuary - good place to spend an afternoon. the platypi were my favorite, i think. and they do have student concession, i believe.

places i meant to go to, but didn't make it - wilson's promontory nat'l park, and hall's gap (in the grampians nat'l park) are both reputed for camping and great bushwalking.

hope that helps some!! i'll try and answer any other oz questions you may have in response.
best of luck.


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