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Info on Oz/Nz required please

Evening all,

I wonder if anyone on this board would like to help this poor guy.

I'm currently at uni here in Scotland, but I am planning to go to Australia or New Zealand to travel for maybe two months or so in October/November (yeah, I know the rugby World Cup is on at that time, but I'll figure it out) and want to hear if any natives of these countries can tell me where I should go. I've got some money saved up, so I don't plan to work or anything, but I quite fancy seeing the country. Also, if any non-Aussies or New Zealanders have done something similar, what are your opinions?

I'm not definitely going as yet, as I can't find anyone who is willing to go with me (they all want to start working, mad people!), but I haven't ruled it out.

Cheers for any thoughts.

And if any non-Scots are thinking about coming to Scotland, it's a great place. Honest.

Which reminds me of an American tourist who, on visiting Edinburgh Castle (which, to those who aren't aware of it, is right in the centre of town) commented that it was very clever of us Scots to build a castle right next to a railway station and in a commercial area.

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