If I want a 25th anniversary edition, I guess I'm gonna have to make it myself!

So I guess the 25th anniversary of the first Crowded House album passed by without much fanfare.  Which is too bad considering how incredible that album was and how it rocketed Crowded House to fame and glory.  So, never mind the record companies, I've decided in this downtime between releases to just go ahead and do it myself.


What I came up with is a 3 CD set.  The first CD is the original store-bought album, the second CD is the remastered stereo version of the album from the 5.1 DVD mix, and the second CD is made up of rarities, b-sides, and demos.


I designed the artwork to fit in a 3CD double wide (chubby) CD case, because I always felt those were the best packaging CDs ever came in.  It was a little complex because I needed to modify the cover art from a square to a rectangle, but it turns out extending the edges wasn't that hard to do.



Next I had to re-work the back cover to make a lot more room for track names. I liked this retro Polaroid photo look too.  It reminds me of the video for "Don't Dream It's Over" for some reason.



I stayed away from anything that's already been released on Afterglow.  Turns out that I never really appreciated the song "Everything to Live For".  Yes, it's a huge ball of 80's cheese, but it's catchy and full of good fun.  Neil and Tim both sing on it, Crowded House wrote and plays all the music, and I think Paul Hester might do a rap towards the end, but I can't tell if it's actually him.


Some of the demos come from the Split Enz box sets, some from Enzology, and the others are from the Finn/Hester demo tape, though I did a lot of work to reduce hissing and correct the pitch and speed on those.


Finally, here's the CD artwork for discs 2 and 3 (disc 1 is the original release):



As you can see, I did my best to match the feel of the original CD and artwork.  I even put all the numbers inside black boxes and included the Capitol logo and that retro-looking Compact Disc logo too.  The images on the CDs were from advertisements cut out of magazines from the 80's.


I'm working on Temple of Low Men next.  I'll share it when I'm done.

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