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Ideal Phil Judd compilation

As I mentioned in the Phil Judd CDs board, I stated my ideal tracklisting for a Phil Judd compilation as someone mentioned the idea of a compilation of Phil stuff getting released, though this would be hard due to all those record labels. For those of you who have not seen my suggestions, here it is:

1. 129
2. Malmsbury Villa
3. Under The Wheel
4. Time For A Change (first half Mental Notes version, second half Second Thoughts version)
5. Titus (Second Thoughts version)
6. Spellbound (Mental Notes version)
7. Late Last Night (Second Thoughts version)
8. Sweet Dreams
9. Sugar And Spice
10. Incognito in California (demo 1977)
11. Counting The Beat
12. Whisper
13. Love Hate Relationship
14. OK Alright A Huh Oh Yeah
15. Heroes Let You Down

I don't know any of his solo songs, so I can't make any suggestions on those.

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