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The audio track was saved when I was converting the DVD's to MPEG for the Frenz Sorta Like A Show series on YouTube.

Thanks again to Peter Grace for being such a good bloke and sharing his and Pauls work. He was a very close pal of Paul and obviously was allowed access to unreleased stuff.

Paul leads off with a solo performance at the Cornish Arm in Melbourne that is overdubbed at 42 seconds with a studio mix. Due to the extended intro by Paul and the expert editing of Gracie, it was easy to lift the track out in it's entirity. ( well 99.999% , needed a very small fade at the start and the end fades out to applause Smiler )
I could see / hear the quality in SoundForge and it runs out to a 4:06minute 45meg wav or a high quality 6meg 202kb variable bit rate mp3.
Standard mp3 would be about 3 meg.

To the Frenz that have PM'd, I just have to hold off. Like Love&Peace says, PG will let us know.

I could reduce the quality of the mp3 if that makes a difference, but my thoughts are:

A song doesn't give pleasure if stored away and in the scheme of things, the DVD's from Peter Grace and his show on Channel 31 were a lucky find and he was very happy the material was to be made available to Frenz. One song doesn't make an album, it sharpens interest.
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