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For those struggling to play a Region 4 DVD, you might want to try the VLC media player. VLC is an open source freeware cross-platform media player which will play pretty much any type of media you throw at it on a computer. It will certainly play DVDs from any region without prompting you to change the DVD or computer's region code.

So if you want to play the DVD on your computer, head over to:

and check it out. I discovered this application several years ago and it is now my de facto standard media player on my Windows PCs...

As for the PAL versus NTSC issue, as a Brit living in the US, I do know that most UK DVD players and TVs can play NTSC-encoded content without any problems, but that in general US-purchased equipment does not/cannot play PAL-encoded media.

I think this is probably because there's so much more interest in the UK in purchasing and watching US-derived/sourced content. In the US there seems to be very little interest in (or even awareness of) British content...(not trying to be rude here, just making an observation). I have a bunch of PAL DVD content (BBC stuff, mostly), so I bought a $40 Philips DVD player on amazon,com which can play both PAL and NTSC content, and can be set to play discs from any region. So for those in the US, this may be option if you can spring for that... Here's a link to a more recent model than mine:

It does sound as though the company marketing this DVD has been a little careless in its assertions that it's Region Free, but if you are stuck with the purchase, I hope that one or both of these notes will help you at least be able to play what you paid for!!

Hope some of this helps!

Thanks, Steve.  That worked beautifully.  I can even play my Enz with a Bang DVD.  Great!!!


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