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Reply to "Gig injuries"

congrats on the baby lozza,

now for my injuries at gigs.

mushroom 25th anniversary concert melbourne 1998.

pissed off that the enz weren't playing but got over it. still went with 'access all areas' from my dad. which was very cool. we were pretty much there for the whoel day. after dad's little set we went out for tea at this little restaurant close to the venue. I was really getting into the whole thing and enjoying myself. we went back to see the night set. kylie minouge was first up. her set went for ages and I was right up the front. all of a sudden this swarm of teeny boppers rushes to the front of the stage nearly deafening me with their ear piercing screams.

paul kelly was fantastic. really enjoyed his performance nothing went wrong there. but the angels is a completely different story. doc neason is a psychopath. I was still up the front of the stage and he starts throwing his towel around and acting like a complete bafoon. I feel slightly intimidated by his presense and so i move back a bit only to be hit in the head by his plastic cup. didn't hurt but s soon as I turned around all these people literaly jump for the cup. I wriggled my way out unhurt.

then when the whitlams come on this guy gets jumped on while trying to grab jeff kennett (the premier of victoria at the time) and he was pretty much next to me so as the police drag him away he grabs my arm and I go with him. I kicked him in the leg and he let go. I got lost and couldn't find my parents or my way out. but it was ok. I had a great day. I really enjoyed it on the whole.

Red Hot Chili Peppers melbourne 2002

was in the mosh pit. had the time of my life. and everyone's jumping around and trampling the smaller defenceless people. (one of which I wasn't) but some guy tripped on my shoelace and landed on his arse. me, being generous and helpful offer my assistace to the stranger and as he grabbs my shoulder to get up he pulls me down with him. then other people in the mosh pit decide a pile up is in order but the bouncers come in to stop everything before they could start. so i think I'm saved cool no worries. then the bouncers are trying to find out who started all the problems. and this surly d***head points to me and says 'yeah, it was that chick over there, this guy grabbed her and everyone joined in' BULL****! so I get dragged out by the police. I explaied what had happened and they let me back in. sweet.

so yeah i enjoyed it. it was fun. Smiler I had a black eye and a very stiff neck the next day!
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