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Reply to "Gig injuries"


Saras quote about near death stuff got me stewing and I've been slightly worried at gigs re: crushing before, but being a little bigger than she sounds - probably didn't worry quite so much so not the same.

So I thought, surely something has happened. But not in that sense - I've been battered, bruised, had the odd scuffle and hurt myself a bit - but never actually broken anything or set myself on fire.

But ! I did go to that Enz New Years gig. You may recall - kinda spontaneously.

Not much planning whatsoever and not much knowledge. My girlfriend got herself a blood clot from the long haul flight which nearly killed her. And unfortunately - if it wasn't for the gig, she wouldn't have got it.

This annoys me because this happened in March 2000 and all the publicity happened then about this sort of thing - too flipping late.

Anyway. There is an upside and a couple of twists - one of which being - she was kinda borderline for a year and you just do silly things like not go to sleep because you wanna make sure you're awake if they need you and all that. you just get knackered and then - then ! she gets the all clear - hooray hooray on 31st march 2001. a marvellous day.

april 1st 2001 - 14 hours later - my lung collapses. i nearly die. the verdict from the doctors - long haul flight potential ! so the buggers nearly got us both. allegedly because they wanna save a few quid by cutting air circulation or something, i just dunno but these people are slime.

i survive too (obviously !), takes about 8 months coz being an idiot i figured i was having a bit of a wobbler and ignored the fact that the air was stretching my bones and insides to buggery. i cant fly again never - well, not without a doctor next to me and no deep sea diving. otherwise, no sweat. thats how that cookie can crumble, far worse instances out there of course.

but ! this was a gig thing. twist two is that we have no regrets. which is so stupid. for 12 days the pair of us walked in our little bit of heaven together - i had such a good trip.

and we're over it too. best twist of all is that - ok, 2000 is crap with jane. 2001 is crap with loz. but 2002 ! girlie gets pregnant ! welcome to the new life !!! Smiler Smiler

she is making me crazy how well she's dealing with it all. superb - women are damn strong, the girl is blooming and i'm possibly gonna be a dad in 12 weeks time.

we weathered the storm. hopefully we get a baby. sorry about all this almost but hopefully it explains a bit somewhere, havent read it back as always...
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