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Reply to "Getting to Know You..."

My job is:

Student of Applied Computing (for 3 more months)

The best thing about it is:

I get to be a student

The worst about it is:

I hate computers

If I didn't do the work I do, I'd would be a:

Personal trainer to Jennifer Lopez

My best Finn moment was:

Staying up til 3am to tape the "Farewell To The World" highlights

My best non-Finn moment was:

Sleeping afterwards

My favourite:
o Food: Steak pie + chips
o Book: Playing The Moldovans At Tennis (Tony Hawks)
o T.V Programme: Never Mind The Buzzcocks
o Movie: The Commitments
o Actor/Actress: Kevin Spacey/Demi Moore
o Country to visit: Australia (never been yet, but I've watched Neighbours once or twice)

I hate it when:

Big Brother comes on TV

I�d hate to be without:

My head

The best advice my mother gave me was:

Never walk into revolving doors with untied shoelaces

The thing that makes me feel most alive is:


My ambition in life is:

to have a laugh, whatever I'm doing

I was stranded on a desert island I�d like to meet:

someone with a boat
    All times London, UK.

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