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Reply to "Getting to Know You..."

My job is: Charity Events Planner

The best thing about it is: It's a good cause.

The worst about it is: I'm probably losing my job very soon due to funding issues.

If I didn't do the work I do, I'd would be a: Boy, better figure this one out pretty soon, eh? I just REALLY do not want to be a "homemaker." That was never anything I wanted to be when I grew up, and I just feel like I was meant for more than that.

My best Finn moment was: Man, I have more than my share here...but can't decide between two...singing onstage with Neil on 18/07/02 in Washington DC, and/or having one of "our songs" dedicated to us by Tim at the St. James in Auckland, on our honeymoon trip. (I have several others but you guy's'd start beating me soon, lol...)

My best non-Finn moment was: Wedding #2, births of my kids, the day we brought the beagle home, the day we bought our house, the day we decided to get married, the day we realized we were more than friends, the day I won my Silver Microphone Award. Not necessarily in that order, but those are it.

My favourite: (these things change so often...)

o Food: Grilled portabello

o Book: Writers' Market

o T.V Programme: Trading Spaces or Spongebob, A&E Biography, Sci-Fi and Discovery Channels

o Movie: Too many to name since I'm a total movie buff, but here are a quick few: Braveheart, Star Trek First Contact, Unforgiven, Back to the Future 1, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Bend It Like Beckham, A Fish Called Wanda, Greek Wedding

o Actor/Actress: Kate Hudson and Hugh Jackman. (and though aging, I still dig Mel...)

o Country to visit: NZ, UK

I hate it when: I turn 33 and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

I�d hate to be without: My family, clean underpants, or the internet. Wink

The best advice my mother gave me was: (That would assume she ever got past the "whatever YOU think you should do, dear" waffling and gave me an actual OPINION...)

The thing that makes me feel most alive is: My kids.

My ambition in life is: Currently have no answer as life's circumstances tend to turn so many of these into impossibilities...I guess my ambition is to find some.

I was stranded on a desert island I�d like to meet: Right now? Assuming Finns have nothing to do with this? The Dalai Lama or my dead grandma.
    All times London, UK.

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