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My job is: i'm a student, and i've nearly finished my A levels, but i work part time at Asda (wow).
The best thing about it is: errm, nothing. it sucks.
The worst about it is: the customers. there are some spectacularly thick people who don't seem to have any intelligence and/or grasp of the English language
If I didn't do the work I do, I'd would be a: oh, don't ask me that! i have no idea. i've got as far as deciding to study for a history degree, but i have no idea what to do once i've finished uni
My best Finn moment was: there are many
My best non-Finn moment was: when i made it to our camp-site half way up mountain in Bolivia, despite the altitude (we got to nearly 5000 metres) and the food poisoning. that was a pretty good moment
My favourite:
o Food: pizza
o Book: Birdsong, by Sebastian Faulks
o T.V Programme: i rarely watch TV - i'd much rather watch a dvd or video
o Movie: strictly ballroom
o Actor/Actress: well, this changes constantly so i won't bother saying as it will have changed by tomorrow. i can never make my mind up about stuff like this.
o Country to visit: Bolivia was really good, but im planning my gap year trip at the mo and NZ, Oz and Thailand are top of the list of places to go at the mo
I hate it when: my alarm clock goes off too early in the morning.
I�d hate to be without: my music or book collections
The best advice my mother gave me was: erm, im sure shes told me lots of good stuff, i just can't remember any of it!
The thing that makes me feel most alive is: hmm, i'll get back to you on that one
My ambition in life is: to get good grades this year to go to my top choice uni, to get a degree and find a job that i enjoy. i really don't want to be stuck in Asda all my life. it would drive me insane.
I was stranded on a desert island I�d like to meet: my friends, they'd be the best people to be stuck with i think.

x Nikki x
    All times London, UK.

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