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(very) Random Things about ME Smiler

  • My job is: Homemaker
  • The best thing about it is: Can arrange (within limits) my own schedule
  • The worst about it is: Not much time off.
  • If I didn't do the work I do, I'd would be an: Indexer
  • My best Finn moment was: Portsmouth Guildhall, March, 1992
  • My best non-Finn moment was: too many to list
  • My favourite:[list]

  • Food: Fry's chocolate cream
  • Book: Aaargh! I've got more books than CD's. For the BBC top 100 fiction, I nominated "The Silver Darlings" by Neil M. Gunn; poetry - Mike Mockler's bird anthology "Flights of Imagination"; book with important message Carl Sagan "The Demon Haunted World"
  • T.V Programme: The Sky At Night
  • Movie: The Dish
  • Actor/Actress: Sam Neill
  • Country to visit: New Zealand

  • I hate it when: I can't see the night sky for clouds/light pollution
  • I�d hate to be without: my books
  • The best advice my mother gave me was: My father used to say "fortune favours the prepared mind". I'm not sure if it's a slight misquote, but he meant that having the knowledge to recognise and grab opportunities when they came.
  • The thing that makes me feel most alive is: A clear, dark night sky.
  • My ambition in life is: to see a total eclipse of the sun
  • I was stranded on a desert island I�d like to meet: Richard Dawkins
    • All times London, UK.

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