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Reply to "Getting to Know You..."

Hooo-weee Colleen, I just had one of "those" dreams about Guy Pearce last week, now I can't hear his name without blushing. Like now...yikes!Pharm Girl, those sound like amazing Neil moments. I only ever met one fellow at a CH concert and it ended quite badly (him being certifiably insane and all). It's always nice to hear about happy, successful relationships and especially one with such a great beginning! Smiler Alright...

Random Things about Wuntie

My job is: supporting phyically/metally handicapped adults.
The best thing about it is: it's rewarding and fun.
The worst about it is: the meddling parents and a cruddy salary.
If I didn't do the work I do, I'd would be a: student
My best Finn moment was: donning a parrot costume at a CH gig (and Nick Seymour guessing who was inside).
My best non-Finn moment was:meeting my husband.
My favourite:
o FoodRazzerizza
o Book:'The Van' by Roddy Doyle
o T.V Programmes:Oz, The Chris Issak Show, Friends, Coronation St...(feel free to poke fun). Razzer
o Movies:Rushmore, Trainspotting, The Nightmare Before Christmas.
o Actor/Actress:Ewan McGregor/Nicole Kidman
o Country to visit:Ireland
I hate it whenRazzereople are rude.
I�d hate to be without:my dog.
The best advice my mother gave me was:"Moderation in all things". Too bad I rarely heed this advice.
The thing that makes me feel most alive is:Music
My ambition in life is:to be cherished by Kool and the Gang...and to try to make the best of every day (as I sit at my PC,hmmmm.)
I was stranded on a desert island I�d like to meet:John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler.
    All times London, UK.

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