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Reply to "Getting to Know You..."

Thanks Colleen, great thread!!!!

OK, here we go..

Random Things about ME

My job is: International Regulatory Affairs Associate (in a major pharmaceutical company)
The best thing about it is: I'm never bored and I get to travel
The worst about it is: Long hours, and too much travel Wink
If I didn't do the work I do, I'd would be a: Professional chorale singer
My best Finn moment was: Singing WWY with Neil at the Vic in Chicago this past February
My best non-Finn moment was: Meeting my better half at Neil's 1998 Double Door concert
My favourite:
o Food: Chocolate
o Book: Pride and Prejudice
o T.V Programme: ER and Six Feet Under (can't decide between them!)
o Movie: Gone With the Wind
o Actor/Actress: Nicole Kidman (you knew it had to be an Aussie!)
o Country to visit: Australia (everyone needs to go home sometimes!)
I hate it when: I can't find something on my very messy desk!
I’d hate to be without: My husband
The best advice my mother gave me was: Don't let the turkeys get you down Wink
The thing that makes me feel most alive is: Sunshine, good music, and (dare I say it!) winter in Chicago!
My ambition in life is: To be a source of love and comfort to my friends and family
If I was stranded on a desert island I’d like to meet: Christian Fletcher (as played by Mel Gibson in "The Bounty")

OK, who's next?
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