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Reply to "Funniest live moment?"

Surprised no one mentioned the occasion when the band were discussing their appearance on Top Of The Pops. And how Paul met Mrs Neil Sedaka. Needless to say it didn't work out well.

Paul"...that's the last time I speak to ol' knackers Sedaka. Stuff him."

For fans this incident is on the 2nd Weather With You single.

Or how about from the Roxy in 1987...:

Neil:'s been a very good year here at Roxy High. In a moment, we'll be having the prize giving ceremony. Paul's made a list..."

(Neil's interuppted by screaming girls in the front of the audience going "Me! Me! Me!")

Paul: Oh yes. You'll go!
Neil: (To girl in audience) Hey! You've won prizes before!
Paul: (To same girl) You know what your prize is, don't ya?

    All times London, UK.

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