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Reply to "Funniest live moment?"

This wasn't really CH on stage but still a funny moment all the same...
Catch 22 Interview, 1986. Wink
Paul: One... Two... Three...
Nick: Hi. We're Crowded House.
Paul: Sure are.
Neil: [serious facial expression] And when we're in Anchoridge, we don't get on a flight to sea-ol.
Nick: WE DON'T WHAT???!!!
Neil: To Soual.
All: Laughing
Neil: [Embaressed] Soual.. How'd you say it???
Interviewer: Seoul.
Neil: We don't get on a flight to Korea!

I laugh like crazy just thinking about this interview. Big Grin There's more funny parts in this interview but sorry, can't say it here. Too long. Frowner

Another funny moment {and this was live} was Neil and Nick's interview on Later With Jools 1994. Jools Holland embaresses Neil by showing him a short clip of Enz performing 'IGY', while Nick appears to be enjoying it. Short time later, Neil gets him back by bringing up the topic of Nick's musical past.

NEIL: What about Nick? He used to tour around Oz with his family singing Christan Irish Folk Songs. Come on, lets have a clip of those then. Where are they?{Seymour Family Singers}
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