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Reply to "Funniest live moment?"

I seem to have this one on cd, I dunno where it's from but It's Paul trying to kill time while Neils guitar was being tuned,
it's not as funny typed but you can imaging it with Pauls trademarked funniness.....

Neil: 'C'mon Paul, keep going for just 30 seconds or so, your doing well, and my guitar is hopelessly out of tune...'

Paul: 'So there I was, stuck in a lift. Theres me and there's Bowie and Sting at some hotel, you know, and I'm a pretty shy sort of a bloke, and they're picking my brains, about how did we write that song, how did we get that sound, and could David, possibly talk to Nick about design....

and Sting wanted to know about Neils hair transplant thing!!
and all these things came out from us guys in the lift as they do between guys who have been around the bizz....

And the fist thing Sting said to me, was he asked if I had a lighter, which I took to mean he wanted to break the ice....hes a pretty nervous sort of a guy, and I said,
Gordon, Gordon.....sit down Gordy babes, your stuck in a lift with old hessy, and youve brought your mate, lil' Davey Bowie, and your both trying to impress me with your stories about your little hit songs that were years and years ago
and anyway I invited them up to my room, and we did as men do, we wrestled!'

- Sort of bizarre but it just sums up what theyre like on stage. Damn I wish theyd never broken up!
    All times London, UK.

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