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Reply to "Funniest live moment?"

On the Live at the Ritz concert there was Paul telling...

Paul:I was in a Shop today Neil..somewhere near one of them..places shops..

Neil:yeah you where at the shop..yeah.

Paul:and then I crossed the road and my girlfriend maddie stayed in the shop..

Neil:yeah on brodway

Paul:and shes looking for somethig shes trying something on

Paul: and heard those two girls, in the shop who worked there and they sayed "did you see that guy befor that guy from Crowded House"? and the other girl goes ."Oh no where is he"? and the other girl sayed :"Oh it doesen`t matter he`s gay anyway"!


Nick:about you?

Paul:she sayied "always that gay in the videos"!

Paul:No I wanna ask the good people of new york that Paul Hester akt gays in Crowded House Videos!.....

(me:hhhaaarr , haaarrr)

later... Nick: you know the girl wasn`t saying anything about your girl friend?

Paul: No Maddie just hit her and walked out...

I think this was a coooool funy moment Smiler
    All times London, UK.

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