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Reply to "Funniest live moment?"

Neil: "And uh, whad'ya think of Nick's hat there?"
Nick: "It's a genuine Pablo Picasso hat and you'll never guess how much I got it for."
Audience member: "Five bucks!"
Neil: "Five bucks, yeah, that's what I thought."
Nick: "Fifty bucks!"
Neil: "Would you pay fifty bucks for a hat like that?"
Nick: "Fifty bucks! What a bargain!"

Uhhh... this is all from memory. but it IS funny.

And there's no way to describe it, of course, let's just say that Liam decided to turn into a true 16-year-old, began singing Four Seasons in falsetto, and did a half-strip tease that ended only after he tried to get his dad to join in.

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