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Reply to " Fundraising Auction 2008"

Hi all,

The auction is now over, and I wanted to send out an email to say a big thank you to those who supported the auction. The following folks were very generous with their donations:

Peter Green (As always Smiler ) – Who donated the vast majority of the items we sold, and plugged the auction every chance he had.
Jennifer Granozio – Who back some time ago donated all of those badges that were a big hit in this years auction.
Perri Campbell – Who donated some CD singles to the auction AND bought some stuff from the auction.
Marie Lombardi – Who donated a whole bunch of stuff to the auction, some of which we held on to until the next one.

The following folks bought stuff from us and supported the auction:

Margaret McLaughlin
Doug McNamee
Jeannie Bernier
Nikolaj Lind Christensen
Moshe Freedman
Andrea Donohue
Scott Mackenzie
Chris Bartolick
Elizabeth Steenson
Kiersten Frankowski
Jenny Nicholson (A big shout out to Jenny who was very generous in her purchases)
Jennifer Sciacca
Perri Campbell
Tracy Nicol
Andrew Kiernan
Tania James
Mary Brown
Linda Willcox
Richard Ronayne.

Quite a few of these folks supported the auction multiple times, and so we’re extremely grateful.

We raised quite a bit of money, some of which immediately went to cover some of the forum cost, about a quarter of all raised went to USPS, PayPal, and eBay in fees and shipping costs. The rest is being spent on hiring some outside help to write some of the code that we need to make the new site work. I’m working on the brief for the new site, and I welcome input to that.

    All times London, UK.

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