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Here's my latest post from the Blog:

Our bi-annual auction has been running throughout the month of November and our third and final wave of items for sale will launch on Thursday, November 20th.

We had initially planned to just do two weeks, starting on November 1st, but we got a number of last minute item donations and so we've decided to do a third round with those items. The first two rounds, starting on November 1st and 6th were very successful, and extremely well supported, so thank you!

While the proceeds haven't quite touched the forum hosting cost yet (About $1500/yr), we are planning to use a large amount of the proceeds towards redevolopment of the site in general.

Why An Auction? is entirely volunteer run. With the exception of the unwavering support of the Frenz of The Enz fanclub, who have donated many of the items for this year's item, we are not funded or supported in any way by record companies or management. We occasionally get some moral support from the musicians themselves, but for the most part it is a labour of love from fans to the fans.

While the main site itself has been static for some time (but not for long), even though all the work is done for free by fans, the site still incurs fixed running and hosting costs every month. These costs are kindly and happily covered out of pocket by the site's founder, Debbie. We held a very successful auction in 2006, the proceeds of which we put to work. These covered the following:

  • The initial costs to the development team of building the Crowded House site

  • Hiring a programmer to rescue the old discography database and bring it back to basic working order

  • About one month of hosting Smiler

This time we're aiming higher. The proceeds of this year's auction will be spent on the following:

  • Completely overhauling the entire site. Tearing down the old, and building the new. It's old and patchwork, and needs more than a lick of paint.

  • Largely expanding the scope of the discography, and improving on the existing structure.

  • Implementing as many of the ideas mentioned on the Frenzforum over the last year that we have time and budget for.

As always, a lot of the work will happily be done bye the team for free. We do however have to hire a little outside help, and cover some costs to take the site where you deserve it to be.

The new site launches on February 1st 2009!

We are accepting ideas and input from fans as to what you guys want to see on the site. We're also still looking for PHP programmers to help out too! Email Iarla.

A big thank you as always to Peter Green for the support, and also the following fans who have already donated items to this year's auction.

  • Perri Campbell

  • Jennifer Granozio

  • Marie Lombardi

More info on the auction can be found at
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