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Reply to "Fleetwood Mac (with Neil Finn) to Perform on The Ellen Show on September 5"

Sugar Mouse posted:

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You found the photo I posted on Facebook!

For some reason this forum distorts images disproportionately, so here's the direct link if anyone wants to download it.

c.houser posted:

Great pic

It was actually a screenshot from the Ellen performance and was heavily cropped and edited before I put it online. It was from directly after The Chain and that scene was only on screen for less than a second.


Sugar Mouse posted:

I had an idea today that could work well for the new Fleetwood Mac. The band would pick seven or more pre-Lindsey songs that would fit nicely with the new lineup.

For example, Oh Well, Dust, Come A Little Bit Closer, Why, For Your Love, Green Manalishi, Hypnotized, Man of The World, Spare Me A Little of Your Love, and The Way I Feel are some possibilities.

Then have the new lineup record new versions of these songs. Perhaps someone like Mitchell Froom could produce.

In addition, have Neil, Christine, and Stevie each bring in one new song. Could be completely new or simply an unrecorded old song. Record those three songs as well.

Now they'd have a fairly easily to finish new studio album of 10+ songs to release prior to the tour to add some excitement to the upcoming dates.

I read this in the Facebook group and actually just replied there haha. But I might as well reply here too!

That sounds like a pretty cool idea. My only concern with this would be that Neil would then be singing lead vocals on 80-90% of the new album, presuming Neil would be the one to cover the Green, Spencer, Kirwan and Welch (?) songs.

But to have something out before the tour would be a very smart idea. If they've rehearsed those seven or so songs then there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to a quick recording of them and record another few. Maybe two each for Christine and Stevie, and an original each for Neil and Mike (who is a capable singer-songwriter himself). There's your new 13-track album!

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