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Reply to "Finn Brothers News Board"

Yep Pete a USA release is 100% certain, this time the goal is for it to be released (pretty much) the same time everywhere.....

Just back from NZ, the guys are trying to make a brilliant album, so they will take whatever time is needed, but I'd expect the album out in the first part of 2004.....but still no release date
not till we have it ready to go.....

Heard some of Edible Flowers and it's actually really lovely...only heard a bit, Neil was doing some live vocals (instead of dead vocals???) over a new song so the studio was kind of active...

At this stage no plans to release the Visconti show to the masses..... it was more of a private thing.... not even sure if it's stored...

As time goes on the NEWS board will be more active.... and we hope to add stuff every day,
so just keep checking.

Number of songs, I think they'll simply wait till all songs have been completed and make a decision at the end depending on quality and the general feel of the album.... maybe they can put on 13.5 tracks (opps).

take care
    All times London, UK.

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