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Reply to "Finn album discussed by Sweetman"

Ok, yes, Finn is a mighty fine album and if more people are seeking it out, thanks to Sweetman's review, I hope they come to love it. It has always been one of my favourites. Sweetman didn't jump on the bandwagon of rubbishing Tim's 1st 2 solo albums, that's interesting.....

Oh, I can't do it! I can't give someone a fair go, when they come out with statements like "Neil of course is the better tunesmith - that's academic." F__k off! That is a matter of opinion! Since when has commercial success been a true indicator of artistic merit? There are many musicians throughout history, whose music has stood the test of time, yet in their own time, they weren't so well received, "Too many notes, Mr Mozart!" Anyone who spouts their personal opinion, as though it is gospel is going to rub me the wrong way!

As for Roger Ebert, I had to google that name, as it was not familiar to me. From what I could gather from Wikipedia, he gave relative rather than absolute reviews. So if he had been a music critic in the 1980s, he would have scored Escapade with the average SE fan in mind....and scored it pretty poorly. Maybe I should have read more, but I fail to see what Ebert had in common with Sweetman, other than a weight problem.

I can't even find Sweetman's review of IK, the link was in the topic lead, which no longer exists under the new forum system. I did, however find this:

Originally Posted by aFINNity:
Now I wish I'd never read it. A$$ is WAY too kind a description. Tag a -hole on the end and you might be half way there. That is the most disrespectful excuse for journalism I have read, since the now infamous Intriguer review. To say that, "these days Tim's biggest asset is his surname" Mad (cue:"I See Red")
At least he refrained from insulting Tim's immediate family. When he referred to Sharon Finn as , "Linda", I really was disgusted. Since the Intriguer thread had degraded to another sh!te-fight (god, those 2 crack me up!) and subsequently been closed, before I had the chance, I am going to say it here: THAT'S MRS FINN TO YOU, YOU MAGGOT!!!!
Next time I'm in NZ, I hope Sweetman (who should change his name to Sweet-f__k-all, to sum up what he knows about music) parks his car on the street. I'll show him how creative I can be, with a set of keys in my hand -and let the Intriguer take the blame!

That was 3 years ago! I could still say a$$ in those days, without being censored. Sweetman is still writing reviews and influencing the music-buying public -and I'm still spitting chips.(Sigh!)

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