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I also saw Schnell Fenster live in 1988. Below is a list of live shows they did from the 1988 tour. I copy & pasted it from a previous post that I wrote. Not sure if there are any live recordings that were done from these shows (audio or video).

Fri 16 Sept - The Club (Melbourne)
Sat 17 Sept - The Club (Melbourne)
Wed 21 Sept - The Palace (Melbourne)
Thu 22 Sept - Mentone Hotel (Melbourne)
Fri 23 Sept - Royal Hotel (Drouin)
Sat 24 Sept - Central Club (Melbourne)
Fri 30 Sept - Dee Why Hotel (Sydney)
Sat 1 Oct - Kardomah Cafe (Sydney)
Sun 2 Oct - Kardomah Cafe (Sydney)
Fri 7 Oct - Checkpoint Charlies (Melbourne)
Sat 8 Oct - Corner Hotel (Melbourne)
Thu 13 Oct - Adelaide (TBA)
Fri 14 Oct - Adelaide (TBA)
Sat 15 Oct - Adelaide (TBA)
Sun 16 Oct - Adelaide (TBA)
Thu 19 Oct - Melbourne (TBA)
Fri 20 Oct - Melbourne (TBA)
Sat 21 Oct - Melbourne (TBA)
Sun 22 Oct - Melbourne (TBA)

Obviously there are some more dates that have shown up like:

14 Sept - Velvets (Bendigo, Vic)
11 Nov - Gossips (Coolangatta, QLD) - I was there !

Surely there must be some more dates in between 22 Oct & 11 Nov. I'm wondering if the Gossips gig was the only Qld gig but something tells me there would have been more Qld gigs (especially Brisbane etc.)

Peter's research matches the dates on the Bio, especially the Adelaide gigs as they were marked as TBA so this all fits in well with Peter's dates so that leaves 2 more possible Adelaide dates on Oct 15 & 16 (1988) which could be the missing dates you are after regarding the Adelaide Uni gig.

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