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Reply to "Favorite CH songs?"

Here's mine:

Mean to Me, World Where U Live, DDIO, Hole In The River, Love U Til' and Can't Carry on from the debut.

ALL of TOLM. Flawless. (Well just the flaw that sister madly doesn't live up to it's live incarnation)

Whispers and Moans, Weather With You and Four Seasons from Woodface (not a big WF fan)

All of TA for a big south pacific chill out.

Everything Is Good For U and Not The Girl from RD.

Pretty much most of Afterglow (besides perhaps my telly's gone bung, time immemorial, and most definitely anyone can tell).

yeah and i'm done.
Here's for the Zen Roxy\That's What I Call Love appreciation group (All together now! wiggawiggawiggawooo, I die tonight!)
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