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Reply to "Favorite Album(s) of 2017 (so far)"

Well I would not remember The Feelies because 30 years ago was 1987 and I was just being born then.

My earlier music memories would probably be Crowded House's Weather with you actually funnily enough around when I was 4, so that was 1991, on the radio and Icehouse who put the writing on the wall.

That is the earliest songs I remember.

And about music not knocking you out? What do you mean by that exactly? It knocks me out all the time, because its so bad.

The Killers and that new zealand band Pluto (great name - after the dog from 100 dalmations and the planet?) were on the radio here 10 years ago or just over and it was the most dull dreary depressing nonsense ever.

So bad memories those.

Its to bad Neil hasn't made a rock album with 12 Locked Outs on it, to squash it all.

That is what was needed back in 2005. 

I don't know about music, but I feel its been so stifled and commercial for so long something will change with radio and the music industry very soon!

Because it needs to start making profitable money again, otherwise no one is gonna want to be involved in it and music will die. And no new bands will ever come along.

The last somewhat interesting band to come out was Stereophonics 1997 or Black rebel motorcycle club which was 2000, as in a band that is in the style of a more classic type of rocknroll type band....

Nothing after captures my imagination in anyway whatsoever.

Nobody writes proper songs anymore they just write laid back wish washy stuff.

No proper chorus, or versus and rhyming is the devil as far as most songwriters are concerned today.


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