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Reply to "Farewell to the World - CD & DVD"

Originally posted by Kelly Timtam:
Still don't think it was one of their best performances, as usual Neil was being good for the cameras,
The sponteneity wasn't there, which was part of the Crowdies make-up. That hit me watching it live for the very first time and since. You just want him to break out, give it the Crowdies all, not just play really really well.

Okay I'm greedy, I want the whole essensce of the Crowdies, not just great music.

Hope you get what I mean.

Glad others here have similar opinions reading through so not all alone here in my thoughts.

Glad in the commentary side of the dvd some of the above mentioned was answered.
Neil, less banter to fit in more songs and didn't think it would go across well with so many people up the back waiting to singalong.

Also amazed at the stories Nick had of Paul, so maybe that was from being the placater (sp?).
Loved mention of the 'death' stares, I've always called them, which means someone made a mistake, he still does it on stage to this date.

Nick had me nearly lose my head off the back of my neck, when talking to Lozza about being intimidating. He was an absolute crackup.

Alot of bite their tongue moments I felt when it came to Paul.
Wish Mark had a better feed into the commentary, had some quite funny comments, that got a bit lost with the timing.

Did Tim only do 2 songs? or did I get caught up with my kids battles at the time? Great to know it was one of Tim and Marie's first dates. What a first date !!

Ahhh the 4 places for a kiss. Throw your arms around me !

Fingers of Love ~ Mark's a legend !

Peter Jones, they love you.

Loved the audio comments in otherwords. Even Neil talking to Sharon about Lorraine and Miller. Very down to earth.

Well that's my bit at the mo. Good to hear the other comments.
    All times London, UK.

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