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Reply to "Farewell to the World - CD & DVD"

i have just purchased the DVD YEYNESS!!!!!.

i live in the uk, both HMV and Music Zone has it.

15.97 in HMV and 14.97 in musiz zone, although it was a pound cheaper in music zone this morning.

both shops only sold the special edition which was a bonus as thats the 1 i wanted amd i am not 99% happy Big Grin.

the only downside i have notice is its not really on show, where it is on show theres other DVD's around it which bundle it out which is a shame.

A Nirvana live DVD which was released last week is still on popular show and the new U2 DVD(s) seem to be on show alot, the FTTW was on the shelf but not many copies seemed to be on sale Frowner.

Radio 1s music dvd chart is shown below(for UK readers) and FTTW isnt in since its just been relased but hopefully it might be in there come sunday night Smiler

i looked on JB-HI website and they had it but not on the homepage or nothing, i had 2 type it in and that is an australian entertainment store aswell, i was shocked, not unless they r hiding it Wink.

hehe well i hope the popularity goes up, btw does anybody know the australian music dvd chart website?
    All times London, UK.

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